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Our Mission - Your Best Real Estate Experience
Welcome to, a web site designed to buy and sell luxury mansions throughout Arizona and soon expanding to several other states and countries.

My name is Vickie McDermott, a licensed real estate agent, specializing in distinctive mansions / homes in Arizona, especially in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, and urban living estates. My staff and I stand ready to assist you with all your real estate needs.

As the partial name of this web site, a mansion as referenced in the dictionary is a noun describing a large, impressive house, the house of the lord of a manor, any house of considerable size or pretension.

Mansions in Arizona are usually built in the last 50 years, unlike the mansions of the east coast or Europe which may be centuries old. I can help you buy or sell the perfect mansion, a magnificent home filled with a distinctive and elaborate flair matching your needs and personality.

To better serve the full range of mansion buyers and sellers, I have divided the mansion listings into three groups, prices from $1-3 million, $3-7 million, and $7 million and above. We also help those who wish to buy homes under the $1 million price range, see link above.
Effective 10/29/08 the Prime Rate has again been lowered to 4.00%, down a 1 per cent.  The last time Prime Rate was this low was on 6/1/04.

Also effective 11/1/08 the Federal funds Rate has once again been lower to 1.00%, down another 1 per cent.  Federal Funds Rate started this year at 4.25%.

It appears the home market for lower priced homes (under 400K) has not hit bottom. The bottom could be months away. Quality mansions are in strong demand.
Upcoming Events
Mansion open house... On 2/14/09 my staff and I will be holding an open house of a luxury mansion in the north Scottsdale area.  Click here for details of this open house and future mansion open houses throughout Arizona.

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